Project Description


STRIKE!!!! Who loves a good deal on food and beer, we all do! So the Alley will be providing Food and Drink specials just for us! Another way to win beer is getting a Strike on a frame with the colored pin as the head pin! Let’s see who the lucky ones are!

When? Wednesdays 6pm – 9pm

Where? Poelking Lanes (Wilmington)

Format? 8 week league

What do you get?

  • Drink Specials
  • Food Specials
  • Each team will play 2 matches a night – then open bowling
  • Free Drinks are not provided

Changes due to COVID

  • There will be 1 team per 2 lanes (seating area)
  • Max 10 teams for this League


How it works! Teams can score up to 3 points a night and the Scoring/Ranking System is as follows:

  • Each team will play 2 matches a night
  • A match consists of 4 individual games
  • The first match will be played as “9 pin no tap” (means if your first roll knocks 9 pins down, it counts as a strike)
  • The second match will follow traditional bowling rules and scoring
  • Scores will be handicapped based on the first game each participant bowls.
  • Winner of each match and overall score will be awarded a point
  • Each week a Strike King and Queen will be crowned and rewarded.  Criteria for being crowned is collecting the most strikes that night.
  • Free bowling once league play is over!


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